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6 FAQs about J. H. Language Solutions [VIDEO]

If you are considering working with a marketing firm or a professional and high quality copy writer, then you likely have several questions, especially if you have worked with other marketing agencies that you weren't crazy about...

If you have questions, such as what types of copy writing or marketing projects we have worked on, if we specialize on any particular topics, how we work, how we produce content, what we cost and how we are different than your typical marketing agency, then watch this quick video below to learn more about our services.

This video below will address the following FAQs, and more.

1.) What Do We Charge?

2.) What Types of Projects Has Your Team Worked On?

3.) Do You Specialize on Any Topics, Genres or Niches?

4.) How Do You Measure Performance Results?

5.) What Can I Expect From Working with You?

6.) How Can JHLS Help My Business?

You can also check out our FAQs page here. Remember, it's absolutely 100% free to call and talk to us about your marketing needs. Call J. H. Language Solutions today at 508-326-8043. We look forward to hearing form you!

How to Manage Content for Your Business - The Easy Way!

How to Manage Content for Your Business - The Easy Way!

Are you tired of all that content? Do you wish you had more time to focus on marketing your business? If this sounds familiar, then this blog post is for you. Today we are going to talk a little bit about content: content for your website, blog, and social media, and all of its shapes, sizes, and formats. We are also going to attempt to answer some of your most burning questions about how to manage all that content, without going insane. (Yes, it's entirely possible.)

How J. H. Language Solutions is "the Queen" of Content Marketing

How J. H. Language Solutions is "the Queen" of Content Marketing

At J.H. Language Solutions, we focus on all forms of content marketing, including social media. After all, content by itself is just content without a way to blast your message to the world. This is where social media comes in. Read on to learn more about how we are "the Queens" of content marketing, and how we are different from other content marketing companies.

Female Entrepreneur Becomes Certified Marketing Consultant

Boston, Massachusetts. On February 1st, 2016, Julie Anne Gniadek became a certified business and marketing consultant, and registered her new business, Julie Anne Gniadek Consulting with the state of Massachusetts.

About Julie. Julie is the Director of Production, Content, and Graphics for Real Legal Marketing, a digital marketing company for law firms. She oversees the production, design, marketing, and content for all clients, and manages both production and content teams. Julie also owns and operates her own business, J. H. Language Solutions, which specializes in web content management and marketing.

Julie has a Bachelor’s in Spanish, with a minor in Business Management from Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts. She also earned a Master’s in Project Management and her PMP certification from Bryant University in North Smithfield, Rhode Island in June 2015.

Julie also serves as a member of the Communications Committee on the Book Builders of Boston board, writing and publishing blogs for the Book Builders website, attending and hosting community events, and speaking to Boston college students about the importance of networking.

Julie is also a core member of the Women in Charge networking group, which serves the Framingham and Natick communities.

About J. H. Language Solutions. Julie owns and operates a registered and insured sole proprietorship, J. H. Language Solutions, which launched in 2011. JHLS specializes in project management, web content management, and marketing services and solutions. Julie still oversees and manages all facets of the business today.

Julie believes that J. H. Language Solutions’ value proposition lies within the ability, flexibility, and passion to serve a diverse client base, and apply various creative methods to reach clients' goals every day.

About Julie Anne Gniadek Consulting. After completing six months of training and completing her practicum, Julie became fully certified with HubSpot, one of the biggest marketing agencies in the world in January 2016. This certification coupled with her PMP certification enables her to become a registered consultant with the state of Massachusetts.

Becoming a consultant will allow Julie to work more closely with her clients, providing them with customized solutions to improve general business management operations and marketing strategies that are aligned with her clients’ goals.

Julie claims, "Earning my HubSpot certification was a huge win for me. I’ve been following and studying HubSpot’s tools and resources for years, familiarizing and teaching myself about content marketing best practices, and studying today’s marketing trends in order to better serve my clients. This certification not only helps me in both my full time commitment and client projects, but it also opens many doors and career opportunities. With my professional experience and with one successful business already under my belt, becoming an official consultant was just the next step, and one that I’ve been eager to take.”



Julie Anne Gniadek –

Twitter: @jahoey



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