Project Management Methodology Experience

One of the things that puts Jaguar Media Solutions above the rest is our vast experience working with startup and small businesses to help them develop processes that streamline production, improve output, increase revenue, boost team morale, and more.

We are experienced in using a variety of project management tools and methodologies, including the following:

- Agile
- Kanban
- Scrum
- Hybrid
- Traditional
- Visual workflows

We have experience managing the following types of projects:

- Website design and builds
- Digital marketing campaigns
- Software/SaaS/web application development
- Custom product development (print and digital publications)

In most cases, small business teams choose an overly complex process, which only exacerbates the risk for project—and business—failure.

Furthermore, many businesses choose a methodology based on what they hear or read—not what is truly best for their teams.

As a highly experienced and expert project manager, Julie works directly with project teams to learn how they work, their challenges and pain points, and their strengths to determine the best methodology that boosts productivity and successful project outcomes.

The Right Tools for the Job

Choosing and implementing the right methodology is only half the battle. Project teams must also invest in software to help them effectively manage projects.

The Jaguar Media Solutions team uses the following tools on a daily basis to help support clients and projects:

- Asana
- Trello
- Teamwork
- Jira
- Rindle

A truly experienced and professional project management services company will help your business and team choose the right tools and the right methodology that complement your team’s working style, project type(s), and clients.

The Jaguar Media Methodology

Every client involves a certain learning curve. As a result, over the years, Julie has experimented, fine-tuned, and perfected her project management services process in order to better serve clients.

The Jaguar Media project management methodology is the process in which Julie works with clients to learn about their business, teams, clients, projects and their challenges and pain points in order to serve as an effective project manager and provide project management services and solutions.

Explore - Many businesses are often disorganized. They constantly deliver projects late or over budget. In most cases, this is due to a lack of process.

Julie has helped countless organizations build project management processes that drive projects to completion on time, within budget, and successfully.

By nature, Julie is a visual learner. She learns best by seeing, doing, and “driving” projects from the get-go. However, in many cases, Julie is often hired as a project manager midway through projects. Therefore, she has a lot of experienced with jumping into projects with both feet and figure out the project as she goes.

Advise - Because Julie learns best by doing and experiencing projects first hand, it can take approximately 30 to 90 days for Julie to “explore”, and really recognize gaps in process, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

The “Advise” phase involves working with businesses to nail down a solid process, present the new process and train staff members, and monitor adaptation. Julie makes herself available to help team members adjust to new processes.

Organize - Julie is also incredibly organized. She believes that organization is another crucial area of project management as it helps maximize productivity. All project management tools, including software, files, emails, schedules, and dates are always up to date and where they need to be.

Julie also works with businesses to help them get organized by establishing boundaries and “rules” for formal and informal communication, document control and sharing workflows and policies, implement security measures, and organizing tasks and activities all in one place.

Execute - Execution is one of Julie’s primary project management strengths. Julie is a resourceful, proactive project manager that “gets it done”.

Deliver - The end goal is a increased productivity, reduced costs and waste, increased morale across the team, and successful project outcomes and results—ensuring a happy team and happy clients.

Interested in learning how outsourcing project management services can help your business? Call Julie directly for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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