Content Management Services

One area that Jaguar Media specializes in is content management. We believe in helping small and startup businesses navigate the world of digital marketing and online media through the power of creating and managing memorable and compelling content.

A High-Impact Experience

Getting your content to stand out with originality, creativity, and style sets the tone for customer engagement. Creating compelling content is only half the battle; managing it is another.

We deliver excellence through end-to-end content management—from production to publication.

The Jaguar Media team along with its fearless leader, Boston project manager, Julie has over a decade of project management experience, with a focus on managing the production and publication of content in both print and digital formats.

As a content writer herself, Julie understands first-hand what goes into creating engaging, purposeful, and actionable content, making B2B content management a specialty.

The Jaguar Content Management Process

  • Organization: We take the time to learn about your business’ needs and current content management strategy, workflows, and timelines, and your clients.

    If necessary, we will help develop a style guide that is aligned with your tone, style, and voice. This helps the content team create compelling content that is consistent and on brand, which saves time during the editing and QA process.

  • Workflow: In order to keep content moving through various roles and stages of the process, we help employ proactive policies and procedures as well as project-focused collaboration platforms to keep everyone on the same page and facilitate overall productivity.

    We will also step in as a project manager and coordinator to help oversee your team and ensure they are following the process and keeping up with deadlines.

  • Copyediting: We will also copyedit and proofread every piece of content, directing changes when necessary to ensure the quality and relevancy of your content.

    During the copyediting process, we focus on fact-checking, copywriting, and maintaining readability and fluidity. We also look for basic spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Publishing: Once content is ready to be delivered to its intended audience, our team will assist with packaging content and preparing it for delivery.

    Prior to delivery, we will submit everything for final approval and make any recommended tweaks or changes before delivering the content. We can deliver content to clients on your behalf; publish it on websites, blogs, or social media; or another outlet of your choosing.

    By working with our team, you can remain the point of contact with your clients. We can be as involved in the process as much as you prefer.


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