Certified, Licensed, and Insured - Woman Owned and Operated

Certified, Licensed, and Insured - Woman Owned and Operated

Julie Anne Gniadek, Owner/Founder, President, and CEO

Julie is a certified and professional project manager, writer, and marketer.

Prior to joining the world of digital marketing, Julie started her professional career as a bilingual editor at a small publishing vendor in Worcester, Massachusetts. She quickly fell in love with publishing, and found a deep passion for language and project management… Read More

Krista LaPlante, Content Coordinator/Marketing Assistant

Krista LaPlante has an extensive background in business finance and accounting, Krista wanted to explore new career options, particularly in digital marketing. Joining the team in May 2018, Krista helps manage, vet, and schedule content request assignments from clients, and also provides social media marketing support for several of Jaguar Media Solutions’ marketing support clients.

Benjamin Martorell, Writer

Ben joined Jaguar Media Solutions in March 2018 as a primary writer. In addition to writing for the Jaguar Content team, he also runs his own photography business, Ben Martorell Photography.

Emily Bliven, Writer

Emily joined Jaguar Media Solutions in the Fall 2018. She handles content for a few specific client accounts, such as World Emblem and South Florida Copywriting. She is also the prime content writer for the Jaguar Media “Big Cat Blog” and helps write content for the Jaguar Media Solutions website.

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