4. How Do You Measure Performance?

The majority of our clients use their own analytics software to track performance, such as Google Analytics. However, for those clients who are brand new to themarketing world, we can help you set up your own software so you can begin tracking performance metrics from Day 1.

Whether it's page views, conversion rates, open rates, click-through rates or lead generation, we know how to track performance and help you meet your goals.

5. What Results Can I Expect From Working with You?

Michelangelo didn't finish the Sistine Chapel overnight. REAL art takes time to design and create, and marketing works the same way. The results from content marketing or any marketing campaign can take up to six months before clients can begin to see results.

However, the majority of our clients who work with us typically see an increase in website traffic and social media engagement by approximately 20 percent, which also lead to some pretty sweet conversions, and ultimately boosting your ROI.

6. How Can JHLS Help My Business?

...Any way we can. At JHLS, we believe in flexibility, personalized service and attention, and truly making a difference in our clients' lives. By working with JHLS, you are in the driver's seat and we are here to assist you in whatever way you may need. If you are interested in more of a consulting service, we can do that, too. This is what makes us different from any other marketing firm out there.

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