By working with Jaguar Media Solutions (formerly J. H. Language Solutions), you get a professional and experienced team to partner with to help grow and develop your business.

From content writing services to project management and consulting, Jaguar Media Solutions is your go-to resource for making your life easier.

At Jaguar Media Solutions, we offer both consulting and project-based services in the following areas:

Project Management and Consulting Services: Did you know that most organizations waist up to $97 million due to poor project performance? Whether your business is suffering from persistent project failure, or you have too many projects, and too little time, then you can benefit from a project manager.

From managing client specifications, gathering information, defining project scope, assigning tasks, managing budgets, activities, and seeing each project through to final deliverables, a prime project manager is sure to get your projects done on time, in budget, and help your business achieve its goals.

If you need help defining business goals and objectives, getting organized, or getting off the ground, then you may benefit from working with a business management consultant. We work with businesses to not only define and set business goals, but also to achieve them. We work around our clients' schedules to meet at convenient times. Marketing, management, or metrics; we've got solutions for you.

At Jaguar Media Solutions, we are your solution for project management and consulting services. Here are just a few key areas of business management that we can help with:

- Events

- Websites

- Communications

- Business growth and development

- Marketing automation development and execution

- Digital marketing strategic planning, development, execution and management

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Content Management Services: Did you know that 57 percent of businesses say they don't have time for content marketing, and only 30 percent have a content marketing plan at all?

In fact, according to research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), the most effective content marketers are those with a documented content strategy.

You want to generate more leads for your business, but you know your website needs work. But your business is only as strong and as transparent as the content on your website.

This is why your business needs to work with a company that specializes in high-quality content writing services and content management as a whole. We put in the time to brainstorm, research, and write high quality content that not only accurately reflects and boosts your brand, but that also converts.

Some of the areas we can help with content management, include:

- Blog and topic development and generation

- Basic SEO solutions and services

- Content writing

- Social media marketing

- Content management, maintenance, and analysis

- Website management - Web design management and website maintenance

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Content Creation Services: Can blogging help my business? The short answer is YES! While you certainly have the capabilities and talents to create your own blogging strategy, timing is where most entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs fall short. Why not work with a team to help you produce content that really rocks your audience's world?

At Jaguar Media Solutions, we are REAL people writing REAL content. We  offer the most affordable fixed rates—without sacrificing quality. All our content is 100% original and are guaranteed to pass Copyscape (or it's free!)

No topics or ideas? No problem. We will do our own research and brainstorming to pick a topic that is in line with your niche.

Our talented and high-quality content team has experience writing the following types of content on various topics and niches:

- Blogs

- eBooks

- Emails

- Press releases

- Newsletters

- Product reviews

- Video creation, video voice-overs, and video descriptions

- Website content and landing pages

- White papers and technical product copywriting

Press releases, white papers, product reviews, software reviews, and eBooks—these are just some examples of different content formats that are all proven to inform, educate, and delight your audience. Count on a professional content writer to help your business build up various content formats that truly delight your buyers.

Blogging is one of our specialties! Although we tailor all our blogs and content to fit our clients' style and voice, check out our portfolio or read our blog here to get a feel for our own writing culture and style.

Digital Marketing: If you have a website and social media pages set up, but you aren't sure of what to do with them or if you don't have the time, we do! Jaguar Media Solutions offers different affordable digital marketing services, packages, and solutions.

We can help promote and market your website via social media, various blogging channels, implementing fundamental SEO tactics and techniques, among a number of other mediums that are proven to drive results.

See our digital marketing service packages here.

Email Marketing Services: The average person receives over 100 emails per day! In fact, people spend 28 percent of the work week reading or responding to emails. This means that businesses and brands need to make sure their emails are not only well written, but that they are also engaging, and encourage your readers to take action.

Some of the factors that make up a good email include a compelling and clear offer with actionable language, the right subject line, and sending it at the right time. Businesses have a small window of time to really nail an email to get users to not only open it, but read it, click through it, and call your business.

From writing emails to organizing email campaigns, we have the solutions. What goes into a good email that will convert? Timing, title, and text. Let a professional copywriter and marketing consultant help you craft the best email that drives results and converts.

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